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Our Solutions

Invoice and Statement Printing

Our Invoice and Statement Printing, you can deliver every bill along with strong marketing ideas.


Product Price Monitoring

Branding is everything when it comes to selling your goods. It is critical to know that your products are being marketed


Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

We offer you the option of having your digitized information accessible via the Web,


Document Imaging

Document imaging is performed by our in-house, trained professionals. This approach assures


Online Repository

DGVault allows you to store your documents electronically (including paper documents), in an organized database ..



EIPP Solutions – DGVault offers fully automated business-to-business customer billing and payment solutions. With the DGVault EIPP Invoice Gateway solution, customers can receive their invoices electronically and sign on to a website with a customized look and feel to do everything they need to with regard to their invoices – they can: view the invoice; view any supporting documents like shipping lists or proof of delivery, sort invoices by key criteria such as date, amount, location, PO#, etc.; search for itnvoices based on invoice or PO#; download the invoice data into their accounting package; print the invoices; and of course, pay them.The benefits of EIPP or Electronic invoice presentment and payment can be substantial across many areas.

There are hard benefits associated with cost reduction in headcount, application development and maintenance, equipment, postage, etc. Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) resulting from decreased time to generate bills and elicit customer payment is also a very real hard benefit of optimizing billing. And there are soft benefits associated with improved customer service and convenience, etc. Other benefits associated with improved marketing effectiveness through innovative use of bill marketing approaches should also be considered.



DGVault is happy to announce a partnership with ScanOptics, a recognized global leader and manufacturer of high speed scanners. The ScanOptics partnership enables DGVault to offer high speed document scanning hardware as part of its solutions.

Play the video below to see ScanOptics high speed scanner in action!