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DGVault can transform your medical practice by capturing patient charts in an electronic form. Unlike paper charts, practitioners can access electronic charts with utmost ease, by clicking a mouse. Whereas they had to wait for the paper chart earlier, now the chart is available to them instantly.

The patient chart is the key document in healthcare. It communicates the specific information that doctors need. Even if the patient moves to another city the patient chart can be accessible by doctors there over the Internet.

Lab results can also be scanned immediately into an electronic document, and made available within hours to doctors. Even if the results are stored in another hospital, doctors can access it by dialing to the hospital.

This kind of scenario is very different from a paper-based one. Paper charts and lab results have to be physically
moved around. Doctors have to make a request for the documents and then wait while it’s being located and transported.

Lost charts are a frequent problem when large numbers of paper-based charts have to be managed. Frequent retrievals and transportation could not only increase the risks of loss but also damage the records. Even otherwise, legibility is typically a problem.

How DGVault Reduces Your Costs

Paper-based charts require storage equipment and space. Dedicated staff is needed to attend to the paper-handling, filing, maintenance, and retrieval tasks. The problem is compounded because charts can be misplaced or lost and time might be spent on fruitless search.

Where the chart has to be sent to another location, courier charges are incurred, as against the Internet access possible to electronic records from anywhere.

Even within the same practice, the records can be accessed from any of the networked hospitals, clinics, or even from the homes of practitioners.