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DGVault welcomes new strategic partner in India                     DGVault Opens New office in Illinois                     DGVault now is offering record storage in all facilities                    
DGVault welcomes new strategic partner in India

We welcome the addition of EasyLink India DotCom Services as our strategic technology partner in India!

DGVault Opens New office in Illinois

DGVault Opens New office in Illinois

DGVault now is offering record storage in all facilities

DGVault provides solutions for all of your document storage & management needs.

On a per-square-foot basis, our dedicated and secure National storage facilities are an exceptionally cost effective alternative to in-house storage.

Cost Effective

At a time when National companies increasingly look at the bottom line, it makes sense to dedicate as much space and employee resources as possible to revenue-producing operations. Increasingly, it makes sense to store inactive files (any files not needed on a day to day basis) off-site. At DGVault Records Management we will perform a complete on-site vs. off-site document storage cost analysis. Storing your information off-site is more than just a risk aversion decision; it is a fiscally sound decision.

Regulations and Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PIPEDA have made it imperative that companies comply with mandated regulations. It is no longer a storage space vs. office space real estate bottom line driven decision. Record Storage has become a risk aversion and compliance equation that companies cannot afford to ignore.

Pick Up and Deliveries

At DGVault Records Management all of your information is protected and handled professionally from the minute it leaves your premises until it is returned. All pickups and deliveries are made with our fleet of company cars, vans and trucks, driven by our insured personnel. Background checks and drug tests are performed prior to an applicant gaining employment, and thereafter, all employees are subject to random drug tests.

Life Cycle Document Management

Information goes through a life cycle. Documents are often active and accessed daily. They then become inactive and over time are placed in long term storage awaiting destruction. DGVault Records Management will manage the life cycle of documents, from creation to destruction, keeping them safe, secure and always accessible.