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Paper- based accounts workflows are often manual processes that are laborious and time consuming. In today’s competitive corporate environments, Automated Accounts Payable cycles help to dramatically improve operational efficiency and accelerate business performances. DGVault’s AP Workflow software streamlines your payment processing by minimizing human intervention across the entire AP workflow.

From start to finish, DGVault automates all your Accounts Payable workflow management with a robust platform for routing invoices appropriately, viewing and approving invoices, resolving disputes, managing exceptions and carrying out other integral processes that are a part of your AP cycle. You can configure workflow to factor in process rules, assignments, deadlines and escalations as may be applicable.

Why automate AP Workflow?

  • Full process workflow that allows unlimited levels of approval for accounts payable
  • Improve management of accounts operations and control costs
  • Stay competitive with less staff
  • Import invoices in a variety of formats and converts them to a common format
  • Match invoices to preset templates and apply process rules
  • Advanced document processing
  • Can integrate email/social media
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Automate compliance auditing
  • Ease of document management and scrutiny
  • Seamless data integration
  • Management Dashboards
  • Faster payment processing times
  • Improved regulatory and contract compliances
  • Greater accuracy due to fewer misplaced documents and no clerical errors
  • Free up your AP staff to focus on more productive core tasks

By eliminating manual processes, you can significantly improve the way you manage business operations and get a substantial positive impact on your bottom-line.  Save money, put efficient automated practices in place and gain control over your Accounts Payable transactions with DGVault’s AP Workflow!