Electronic invoice presentment
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Electronic invoice presentment


The internet is a revolutionary technology that is transforming the world today. Communication and information technology has changed the face and the pace of global businesses. The web has advanced the way information is accessed, shared and distributed.

At DGVault, we’re on the cutting edge of this acceleration in digital technology. We help you harness the power of the internet in the form of the Electronic invoice presentment system. Our fully automated business-to-business customer billing and payment solutions enable businesses worldwide to exchange invoices, purchase orders and credit notes electronically rather than on paper and make payments online.

Using our DGVault software that caters to unlimited users, your company and your customers will have immediate, secure access to any information you need, for any purpose. We offer you the option of having your digitized information accessible via the Web, with hosting handled by us at our secure data centers or on your own servers. And at the touch of a button you and your customers can distribute that information to a customer, colleague, vendor, or another company facility via e-mail, fax, or printed copy.


Why convert to DGVault?


  • Possibility of access from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Worldwide access, with no added communications charges
  • Robust security features that define who may access what information
  • Maintenance of electronic records of all access, to confirm compliance with legally-mandated privacy requirements and help minimize the risk of misuse
  • Self-service for customers wanting to confirm delivery, billing, or other information
  • Offsite storage for robust disaster recovery capability
  • Cost reduction in headcount, application development and maintenance, equipment, postage and so on
  • Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) resulting from decreased time to generate bills and elicit customer payment
  • Improved customer service and convenience
  • Greater cash management visibility and forecasting capabilities
  • Control over timing of payment
  • On-line dispute capability
  • Transparency in a transaction audit trail/history


With the DGVault solution customers can now…


  • Receive invoices electronically
  • Sign on to a website with a customized look and feel to view the invoice and supporting documents like shipping lists or proof of delivery
  • Sort invoices by key criteria such as date, amount, location, PO#, and so on
  • Search for invoices based on invoice or PO#
  • Download the invoice data into an existing accounting package
  • Print invoices
  • Make payments

DGVault Payment Processing can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems to automate all your invoicing processes, starting from purchase requisitions through to payments. Now you can reduce your carbon footprint as well, by replacing costly and time-consuming paper processes with DGVault technology.

Contact DGVault to switch to the more efficient DGVault system- reduce operating costs, improve cash flow and achieve quick settlements!