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Legacy information in microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards or other earlier data storage technologies often represents valuable data that still has a vital role to play in your business—if you can find the information when you need it. Make that data more valuable by making it instantly accessible.

We are the nationwide experts in conversion of legacy technologies. Microfiche and related technologies are simply not responsive enough to be competitive in today’s business environment. The cost of having valuable data stored in old formats can be enormous. In addition to the cost of physical storage and retrieval, there is the invisible but very real cost of not being able to find crucial information when it’s needed.

With DGVault all that changes. Every bit of information on your microfiche or other media can be made instantly accessible. It can be fully and seamlessly integrated with your contemporary electronic files. You gain the capability to do data mining and make your old information work for you.

The process is easy, and very cost efficient. We handle all conversion of your legacy media, as well as scanning of any back files and paper documents.

The resulting images and indexing are all in industry-standard formats of your choosing, including PDF, TIF, JPG, and EPS. They can be accessed using our free software output in almost any database format for seamless integration with your existing information technology architecture.