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DGVault allows you to store your documents electronically (including paper documents), in an organized database and enable a workflow environment that can be made available to your whole organization and your clients and suppliers. It allows for rapid search and retrieval of information at a touch of a button. It will allow you to recapture valuable office space and lower your cost of retrieving vital information.

Benefits/Flexibility of Hosting

The decision on how to receive and host your information is yours. We offer a lot of options, including

  • DGVault hosts—If you opt for DGVault as your host, you gain many advantages, including data that is mirrored to two highly secure sites thousands of miles apart. Your information is constantly available via a Web-based interface that is secure and which provides access from anywhere in the world.
  • You host via intranet—Choose this option if you prefer to store all your information on your servers and host internally from there. We can deliver your data to you on whatever schedule you need, via FTP, CD/DVD, or other medium.