Indexing and Data Entry

Powering your data starts with the right keyword

Once your files and documents have been converted to a digital format, indexing them appropriately allows you to access them quickly by keyword. Before conversion begins, our team puts together a comprehensive plan for each step of the process outlining the appropriate solution for your needs.

At DGVault, we have two methods for categorization and indexing:

Dynamic OCR: We utilize Dynamic OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) that recognizes words, numbers, dates and other text on scanned images. Through the use of this technology, we are able to automate the indexing process so we can quickly tag and organize your data.

Manual Data Entry: Because some data is unrecognizable due to age and wear, DGVault has a team of data entry professionals who will manually tag and index your data. And with over 100 professionals, we have the capacity to handle large-scale projects quickly.

Our Process:

  • Analysis—Before the scanning process begins, DGVault analyzes the documents and/or Microfilm/Microfiche, to determine the best indexing process and digital image storage solution.
  • Data Capture—Scanning of the data source based on DGVault’s recommendation.
  • Keywords and Classification—The documents are then classified and categorized with keywords for optimal organization.
  • Digital Image Storage and Access—Access your data using our cloud based storage and file repository. And, If you already have a storage system in place, we can seamlessly integrate with your existing information technology architecture.

Interested in learning more about our Indexing and Data Entry solutions? You can reach us at ‭(813) 569-6410‬ to request a quote.