Microfiche and Microfilm Conversion

Ensure your history is captured with DGVault

Quick and easy access to historical data is imperative for businesses today. At DGVault, we transfer all data on Microfiche or Microfilm and convert it into bite-sized information you can access digitally anytime.

Our team of archival professionals specialize in the conversion of Microfiche and Microfilm and provide our clients with customized solutions to fit their individual needs. Whether you need an end-to-end solution with storage and hosting or only conversion, DGVault provides the quality and expertise you need.

And our process is simple!

Our Process

  • Pick-Up—Microfiche or Microfilm retrieval by authorized DGVault staff
  • Consultation—DGVault works with you to determine the best archival method and output for your business need, digitally preserving each piece
  • Data Capture—Microfilm and Microfiche scanning on the appropriate device based on your requirements (up to 600dpi with microfilms in ranges between 16mm to 35mm.)
  • Image Enhancement—including despeckling, streak removal, horizontal and vertical line removal, character smoothing, black border removal, page registration and intelligent cropping
  • Indexing—images and indexing in industry-standard formats of your choice, including PDF, TIF, JPG, and EPS
  • Digital Image Storage and File Access—Access your data using our cloud based storage and file repository. If you already have a storage system in place, we can seamlessly integrate with your existing information technology architecture.

Interested in learning more about our Microfilm and Microfiche conversion process? You can reach us at ‭(813) 569-6410‬ to request a quote.